Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing Services
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Rapid Prototyping - CNC Machining

Through extensive investment in computers and computer machining systems, Mack Prototype has attained the reputation as a premier source of precision machining in a variety of plastic resins. Using CNC machining centers with tool changers, we can produce virtually any product design in a rapid and dimensionally accurate manner.


We retain the latest versions of the following CNC machining systems in our pursuit of excellence:

  • Surfcam: Main Software
  • Solidworks: Import-Export
  • Pro-Engineer: Import-Export

These software systems are controlled by Microsoft OS server 2012 & Win 7-10. All systems including CNC Machines are completely networked, allowing for rapid transfer of data. We can receive your data by Email attachment or FTP. We also support USB, CDRs, and DVDRs. We are always ready to assist you with a full-time computer system administrator.

Technical Data

  • We can support NURBS or Parametric surfaces.
  • Data exchange proven with Pro-Engineer, EUCLID Unigraphics, AIRES, SDRC I-DEAS, CDRA, CATIA, Medusa, Solidworks, HP & Personal Designer.
  • We can construct with or without draft, as required
  • Brass inserts available
  • Snap fit, hinges, internal and external threads, O-ring grooves, gear teeth, and engraved logos are available.
  • Surface finishes from high gloss to matte, smooth to textured.