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File Transfer Instructions

Please use these procedures for transferring your project files to Mack Prototype. Contact files@mackprototype.com for help.

File formats:

  • 3D-databases are preferred for quoting and building. If you have them please send them.
  • ProE, Solid-works, Autocad and others are directly supported. Step, Iges, Parasolids etc. can be imported too.
  • STL files are okay if you are considering SLS.
  • For 2D format send us DXF, DWG or PDF.

Please Zip all files together with a text file containing sender name and company to avoid confusion. Please include additional information such as threaded insert sizes, paint specs, or special instructions to save time and speed the delivery of your product.

Email zipped files to files@mackprototype.com (15MB limit)

or for bigger files, use FTP via web or an FTP client:

FTP via web (does not work with all browsers)

FTP client settings
  • Host Name: ftp.mackproto.com or
  • User Id: anonymous
  • Password: (your email address)
  • Remote Dir: none

Be sure to set your FTP client to binary Transfer.