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Clear Polyurethane Molding

Custom Clear Polyurethane Molding

Much of Mack Prototype's research in the past few years has centered on the requirements for optically clear polyurethane castings, or custom tinted, if required, to fill your project needs. Material advancements and our continuous refinement of processes has allowed Mack to assume the role of premier source of crystal clear and custom tinted polyurethane parts.

The Clear Polyurethane Molding process

We are able to produce a master pattern from acrylic or other resins from your design. Critical to success is that the master pattern be highly polished in advance of RTV mold construction. Since the use of mold release agents is not allowed, part geometry is critical to the process. Draft is normally required. Our technicians are also able to apply selective areas of texture to the master pattern, if required, producing a part which rivals an injection molded part in quality.

If you supply a tint sample, or reference a known thermoplastic color code, we can create a custom tint for our urethane resin. Your urethane part will accurately represent the final product, and will prove invaluable during marketing sessions, product reviews, customer sales meetings, and photo sessions. Please call Mack to discuss your requirements in this exciting technology.