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Rapid Prototyping is our specialty!

Mack Prototype is your premiere source of a wide range of rapid prototyping services designed to enhance your product development cycle. With a range of expertise including rapid prototyping FDM, CNC machining, polyurethane molding, and low-volume injection molding, we are uniquely positioned to produce exceptional results for your products and company.

Mack Prototype is a proven asset when your requirements include concept or engineering models, new product rapid prototypes, changes to existing designs, or low-volume production.
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Mack Prototype Investing in Five New Presses

GARDNER, Mass. (June 11, 2019) – Mack Molding, a leading custom plastics molder and supplier of contract manufacturing services, announced today its wholly-owned subsidiary, Mack Prototype, is investing in five new Milacron Roboshot all-electric presses.

“This represents a major upgrade as we retire several 25-year-old machines,” Mack Prototype President Ric Perry said. “Making the shift from hydraulic to electric increases our efficiency, accuracy and process repeatability. Additionally, these machines will be quieter and cleaner, improving the working environment for our team members.”

The new presses include a 50 ton, 1 oz. shot machine; three 110 ton machines with 3.4 oz., 4.9 oz. and 6 oz. shot capacities; and a 165 ton press with a 10.6 oz. shot capacity. These units will be replacing two Van Dorn 85 ton, 6 oz. machines; one Van Dorn 170 ton, 20 oz. machine; and one Demag 50 ton, 3.4 oz. machine, for a net gain of one press and increased flexibility. Additionally, to support the new units the Gardner, Mass., based company has invested in ventilation and electrical system improvements. The new presses are expected to be up and running by early July.

“The sizes of these machines will be more beneficial to our business in that the tonnage and shot sizes pair well with the parts we are molding,” added Steve Fidrych, Mack Prototype’s director of molding operations. “With electric ball screws the same amount of material is used every time, the shot size is very consistent and repeatable. We will be able to tailor jobs specifically for machines, reducing variability and improving part quality.

The plant will now have a total of eight presses, including two existing 28 ton Arburg All-Rounder hydraulic presses with 1 oz. and 1.25 oz. shot capacities, and a 230 ton Van Dorn HT hydraulic press with a 30 oz. shot capacity.

Mack Prototype offers 75,000 square feet of manufacturing in an ISO 13485 certified environment specializing in low-volume manufacturing, including rapid prototyping, including CNC, SLA, and FDM for small and large parts; rapid moldmaking; low-volume, small-part injection molding; CNC machining; LIM polyurethane molding; and extensive painting and finishing operations.

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Adapting to Advancing Technologies

By CAPINC,  When it comes to rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing, many companies have only one or two options to offer.

Mack Prototype Earns Quality Gold Standard for Medical Manufacturing

 Mack Prototype has been independently audited and certified with the ISO 13485 international quality standard for medical device manufacturing

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